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Cruiser Packages & Bundles

Marine Product Cruiser Package Deals When you purchase multiple products we offer very substantial savings.

The vast majority of people who use our website, purchase more than a single item. With electrical demand continuing to increase 140 amp alternators are now the norm for serious cruisers. As a result over 60% of orders are for an alternator, serpentine kit and external smart regulator. There are additional discounts when ordering bundled products.

If you’re interested in bundling number products, simply review all the MasterVolt and Electromaax items required, email or phone them in and we will advise you accordingly. Please add your ship-to address as this also enables us to select the most cost effective carrier.

Like many of us, most marine cruisers who intend on mooring out for extended periods require water makers, solar power, wind generator and the largest alternator they can safely fit on their vessels engine.