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New Yanmar 3GM30F Alternator Install

Putting a high output alternator in an engine such as the Yanmar 3GM30F can be a fantastic decision to make. There are many benefits, including a significant increase in the power capacity of your boat. And there is hardly a more popular choice for alternators than Electromaax.

Let’s look at a specific case and understand some of the specific components involved with a new radiator. A common model is the Electromaax 140amp alternator, with a Sterling external regulator and a 1-inch belt kit. The pulleys are machined black anodized and aluminum. In the case of a Yanmar 3GM30F engine, the pulleys should slide on quite easily and the crankshaft pulley will likely fit over the original, nice and simple. Even the fresh water pump pulley can replace the previous pump pulley, using only four bolts.

What is recommended by Electromaax is getting the full package. This means not only the Electromaax high output alternator, but also the micro “V” or serpentine pulley upgrade kit and the Balmar 614 smart external regulator. These all together consist of an upgrade that boast assurances such as a reduction of gas and maintenance costs, decreased bearing loads, and less engine wear.

The Electromaax is a solid choice if you want to generally get more charge and minimize charge time or you are aiming for specific voltages. General running efficiency is improved instantly. Perhaps you have been experiencing issues on and off for years. Maybe the various power-draining things on the boat have begun to add up. There may be air conditioning units, lighting, water makers, and refrigerators.

You need to keep your smart phone charged so that you can make a call or just play a game or two while you are out and about. Maybe you have a coffee maker that you absolutely need to work. Suddenly, your power needs have become significant and most likely that 80 amp alternator just won’t cut it.

Yanmar Before After ExampleWith the new Electromaax when you are anchored at fast idle and charging your batteries, you will have the required load to the engine so that there is zero degrade to your engine, which is what Yanmar suggests in their operating manual.

The Electromaax is considered a quiet running system that creates no belt dust, which is ideal since this is the result of belt disintegration. The industrial belts will last for many years because they do not suffer any significant wear like the ones you may be used on your truck or car. Electromaax includes an extra belt in the kit. Things like this are nice, since it is always best to have a spare on hand.

Speaking of what comes in the kit. Electromaax comes with all the wires and regulator labeled so that the installation can go as smooth as possible. When it comes to the Yanmar 3GM30F, they include a Yanmar connector already installed in the harness. They include the temperature sensors so that you have it for both battery and alternator. Electromaax kits include just about everything except for the elbow grease and the wrenches to go along with it.

The installation is really considered relatively easy. The entire system fits perfectly under the Yanmar-provided plastic belt cover. The alternator plug that comes with the Electromaax was created in the same receptacle as the previous Hitachi model system that you are replacing.

This is actually a huge benefit that makes installation incredibly simpler than it would be otherwise. Even the least technically minded boat enthusiast will find that this simple feature can actually take hours out of the time it takes to set up an alternator. In regards to the wiring, there is quite little that is needed compared to alternative alternators.

When it comes down to it, this upgrade should be considered the first upgrade to a boat’s charging system. They are incredibly economical from various standpoints. You will save fuel. There are lower maintenance costs. You can practically get rid of belt dust all together. You can reduce noise, heat, and odor. You can extend the cruising range of your boat. The long term health of the engine is improved. And you are improving the energy produced for each gallon of gas.

Speaking of energy, this upgrade will extremely reduce the energy-generating devices that are considered secondary and are sometimes needed, such as wind, solar, or backup generators. Suddenly they may not be needed at all or may become only as truly backup power sources. No matter your situation, it is unlikely that an upgrade to your alternator is a bad idea. It is made into a simple installation and the economic benefits will be seen for many years.

The image above is an example of just a few possible variations or considerations that have been made when installing a new Electromaax system to this Yanmar model. You might switch out the output wire from the alternator to a #2, running it directly to the house bank. As well, you could add a #2 ground wire to the battery ground from the alternator frame.

You are likely to need to move the hot air exhaust pipe, as well as the coolant reservoir, so that you have space for the Sterling external regulator.