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Serpentine Pulley Kits

Serpentine Pulley Kits

Have you been looking for a permanent solution to everyone’s least favorite engine problem: the buildup of belt dust? Then you must be in the market for a new serpentine pulley kit. And you should be. A new serpentine pulley kit will substantially improve the output of your alternator. There is no fear of damaging either your engine or your electrical system. In fact, you can now put more load on your engine, even when charging at idle and when on the hook.

Why should you get one? For one, you will all but eliminate the buildup of very fine belt dust that accumulates and penetrates susceptible electric components, not to mention the engine itself. A new serpentine pulley system can allow you to drive a high output alternator that for the first time runs the engine at idle as the alternator creates load that ultimately keeps the engine in good fettle, all while not damaging the engine in any way. Space permitting, you can even add a second alternator, which improves your engine life even more. For the most bang for your buck, a new serpentine pulley kit in conjunction with a high output alternator is a solid and popular investment.

And there is no better way to go than with an Electromaax kit. They are used in combination with a high output marine alternator that ranges from 80 to 180 amps. Although Electromaax is very common, other brands of alternators could be an option, including the new A.T. series or the Balmar 6. There are now multi-grooved serpentine kits for most Yanmar marine engine models that go back as far as the mid-1970s. Serpentine kits for many other popular brands of engines are available or, in some cases, are currently being developed. It is just that the Electromaax optimum charging system just happens to be manufactured and designed in North America, and in turn are made with top-notch materials here at home.

For improved reliability and performance, try to ensure that your serpentine kit:

  • Has a 10-rib belt rather than a single-V or double-V.
  • Is an anodized type II version, which prevents corrosion.
  • Has a machined 6061 aluminum structure, which allows it to be strong but light.
  • Has grade 8 or 10.9 zinc-plated flange nuts and head bolts, which provide superior quality and function.


Here are a few notes about tension with a new serpentine pulley system. Over tightened belts being operated over some time can cause metal fatigue. This happens at the front section of the crankshaft.

This results in failure in general, ultimately breaking the crankshaft at the number one journal. If owners tighten their belt in order to stop slippage or reduce it, they can sometimes over tighten it in this way. A new serpentine belt should not slip when using the same recommended tension that typical V belts use. In addition, a new belt requires retightening after operating for a couple hours. You should check this while the belt and the engine are warm. You should actually continue to check the tension until this brand new belt no longer stretches.

If you follow this procedure, periodic checks will ultimately result in better condition and proper tension.

That all said, buying a new serpentine pulley kit is a good bet for improving the overall life and quality of your engine. Like with many modern advances, it is just economical to rely on superior technology that has come along in the last years and decades.

For example, compared to the standard, older pulley systems, a new serpentine pulley system paired with a high output alternator can save up as much as 60% of your diesel costs. You can do this by running the engine to charge the batteries. You will save plenty of money, especially since the price of gas hasn’t exactly gone down lately. Most customers say that it ends up paying for itself within months. With that kind of feedback, it’s a no-brainer.

Enjoy a better boat range

Another huge benefit stems from that fuel consumption aspect. Enjoy a better boat range! Reducing fuel consumption means that you can increase the range of your boat and keep is cruising longer. This results in you staying at the beautiful, ideal spots longer while all the other cruisers have to pack up and leave because they need to go refuel. Say adios to them and ultimately worry less about refuelling the entire trip.

Pulley kits that never slip

Our Serpentine Pulley Kits increase the vessel's range

And yet another benefit is due to the fact that the serpentine pulley kit is equipped with an industrial 10 groove serpentine belt. They never slip. Traditional single V belts slip and eventually snap. They concentrate all of the tension in one very small area on the pulley. This stresses the bearings, and over time leads to slipping and breaking. This is usually never on the dock, but rather when you are out at sea when the engine is particularly hot. Aside from being a pain, this can cause serious damage to your engine.

You don’t have to worry about that with your new serpentine system. It spreads the stress over 3 times the area than the alternative, running smoother, quieter, and more efficiently. The end result is that you are preserving the life of your engine system.

Providing the maximum alternator output possible

Along with all of that, a new serpentine pulley kit provides the maximum alternator output possible, which isn’t a bad thing to boast. It reduces engine maintenance significantly, which ultimately saves you money. It extends the battery life (another money-saving attribute). It provides a more complete battery charging system in general. It benefits from an easy bolt-on installation, and not only that, it comes with a spare belt! All of that and a serpentine belt can also significantly reduce wear and dusting that is common for single and dual V belt systems.

They have a superior flexibility and actually have a greater number of cords for every square inch.

With all of these benefits, it is a wonder that there are older, standard pulley systems in any engines. Everyone should be taking advantage of all of these benefits.

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Our Serpentine Kits

Finally a permanent solution to belt dust buildup on your engine, our life time warranty on our 10 rib serpentine belt ensures that you will never buy another alternator belt. More importantly you can now substantially increase the output of your alternator without the fear of damaging your engine or electrical system, quite the contrary, you can now put enough load on your engine, when charging at idle, when on the hook.

Electromaax Kits are used in conjunction with our high output marine alternators ranging from 80 to 180 amps. Other brand alternators may also fit including the Balmar 6 and new A.T. series. We have now developed serpentine (multi grooved) kits form most Yanmar marine engine from the mid 1970s and all current models. Kits for other popular brands of marine engines are either available or are currently under development.

Electromaax optimum charging solutions are designed and manufactured in the USA with top-quality materials. We use a serpentine 10-rib belt ( as in all automotive vehicles) in place of the single-V belt or double-V, for improved performance and reliability:

  • Wide serpentine 10-rib belt – Smooth, better traction for improved output
  • Machined 6061 aluminum structure – Light and strong
  • Anodized type II – corrosion prevention
  • Grade 8 and 10.9 zinc plated flange head bolts and nuts– quality and function

How will these serpentine pulleys benefit YOU

Firstly you will eliminate the build up of fine belt dust that penetrates vulnerable engine and electronic components.

NOW you are able to drive a high output alternator that actually allows you to run the engine at idle as it (the alternator) creates load that keeps the engine in good fettle without damage to the engine. If you have the space you can also add a second alternator to further enhance your engine life.

“I wanted the most bang for my buck & after talking with John at Electromaax, I liked their product & ordered a 160 amp alternator, smart regulator and serpentine pulley kit for our boat.”

Nearly Triple Your Amperage

While a gallon of diesel at a marina is now $5.00 dollars plus, if you reduce this by 60% when running the engine to charge the batteries, what will you save? Most of our customers say it paid for itself within months, more importantly the piece of mind it gave them was priceless.

Increases the vessels range

Our Serpentine Pulley Kits increase the vessel's rangeFor those of us who cruise, the reduction of fuel consumption has a more significant value than just financial savings, it dramatically increases the range of our boat which keeps us cruising longer and allows us to stay in pristine spots when other cruisers have to leave due to refuelling.

What do you think that belt dust is?

Well it’s your single v belt disintegrating due to slippage, why do you think the auto industry switched to serpentine 30 plus years ago? Eventually the belt snaps (never on the dock) normally at sea when the engines hot and the sea is rough. The end result could be serious damage to your engines systems. Industrial 10 groove serpentine belts do not slip consequently they do not wear, and with a life time warranty you will never need to buy a new one.

Your current single V belt concentrates the tension in one small area on the pulley, which stresses the bearings, the serpentine spreads the stress over three times this area running smoother (without belt slippage ) and quieter which helps to further preserve the life of your engine.

Watch our serpentine installation video below

Included in every kit

One crank shaft pulley specific to your actual engine along with the corresponding amount of pertinent bolts (the product may vary from the image above).
One water pump pulley specific to your actual engine along with the corresponding amount of pertinent bolts (the product may vary from the image above). Some exceptions for engines without pumps.

One alternator pulley that accepts a 17mm shaft. Custom 6, 8 and 10 groove pulleys available upon request. There may be an additional charge.

One auto belt tensioner (Yanmar only), some exceptions apply.

  • Two belts specific to your engine.
  • Lock tight
  • Teff gel

Note: When buying any Electromaax high output alternator at the same time the factory will attach the alternator pulley for you.