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  • A Mastervolt battery monitoring panel brings an end to nasty surprises, like a sudden shortage of battery power. The Masterlink BTM-III battery monitor provides an accurate indication of the current, amperage, remaining time and remaining capacity of battery-bank 1, and the current and estimated capacity of battery banks 2 and 3. The built-in microprocessor calculates […]

  • Multifunctional touch screen remote panel: MasterView Easy This touchscreen control panel is easy to read and operate. The grey button turns the display on or off or locks it, while all other functions can be controlled using the touchscreen. The first of three control levels provides a short system overview with all the information you […]

  • MasterView System: interactive touchscreen This full colour graphical display helps installers to configure the electrical onboard system, and is extremely easy to reproduce. Configuration, monitoring and operation becomes easier, cheaper, lighter and faster. The software makes complicated electrical systems understandable for each user.¬†Electricity has become fun to operate! Home screen The home screen provides a […]