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Cruiser 12v 140AMP Foot Mount Marine Alternator

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For Engine Models: PN FM-12-140a

Our most popular marine alternator model, the 140-amp Cruiser-Series alternator is a superior choice for applications with 500 to 600 amp hours of house battery capacity and 6-groove serpentine or dual 1/2” V-belts. This alternator delivers up to 115 amps while on the hook and exceeds its rating at cruising rpm.

While it can be controlled by its built-in 14.1-volt single-stage voltage regulator, the 140amp Cruiser will maximize your charging ability when combined with our intelligent, multi-stage E-MAAX charge controller. Also compatible with external voltage regulators like Mastervolt’s Alpha Pro or Balmar’s Max Charge models. For use on engines with a 1” or 2” spindle style alternator mount.

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