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Cruiser 12v 160AMP Foot Mount Marine Alternator

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For Engine Models: PN FM-12-160a

A perfect choice for 40 HP and larger marine diesel engines, our 160A Cruiser is compatible with dual 1/2” vee belts or systems with our Serpentine Pulley Kits installed. The 160A Cruiser can generate up to 118 amps at a high idle, so it’s perfect for cruisers who need 100 to 200 amps of replenishment daily — in essence, this marine alternator (when used in conjunction with our smart, multi-stage E-MAAX voltage regulation system) makes a very reasonable alternative to a dedicated gen-set.

By utilizing the load managing function in the E-MAAX regulator, it’s possible to limit the horsepower load while underway, so it’s possible to enjoy optimal charging while on the hook, and all the power you’ll need at the prop when traveling between destinations.

For use on engines with a 1” or 2” spindle style alternator mount. Includes built-in 14.1-volt internal regulator, and can be used with external voltage regulators like Mastervolt’s Alpha Pro or Balmar’s Max Charge models.

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