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E-MAAX Extension Cable – Custom Length (per foot)


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The E-MAAX extension cable allows you to extend any point-to-point connection between the regulator, hub and/or sensor.  If the standard 3 meter (118 inch) extension cable is not long enough for your installation we do not recommend using more than one extension cable between any two connection points.

If you require an extension cable longer than 3 meters please enter the quantity (in feet) to place an order for a custom, made to length extension cable.

We offer cables up to 15 meters (49 feet) long and our custom extension cables are priced at $2.65 per foot plus $30 for assembly.  The custom extension cable comes with the connectors installed at each end and will be made to the length, in feet, based on the quantity ordered.  We will contact you to confirm the length and total price of your custom cable prior to making and shipping it.

The connectors at each end of the cable are 1″ by 0.75″ (approx. 1.25″ diagonally) and if you can not run the cable through tight areas with the connector on it we also include a lead free solder heat shrink terminal kit in case you need to cut the cable and then splice it together again for your installation.  We only suggest cutting the cable as a last resort!

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