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E-MAAX user system interface
E-MAAX user system interface

E-MAAX Multiple Sensor Hub


The E-MAAX HUB allows multiple sensors to connect to a single regulator port. In both the PRO and PLUS regulators more sensors need to connect than there are available ports directly on the regulator. To resolve this shortage the HUB provides the additional connectivity.

Read the full E-MAAX sensor hub datasheet here


E-MAAX Smart Regulator User System Interface (USI)

  • No cost – USI is provided free with all E-MAAX regulators (Com Module required).
  • Real-time display
  • Centralized parameter display (all your information on the same screen)
  • Diagnostics Tool
  • Upgradeable
  • Easy access to “Regulator Settings” adjustment.
  • Remote Support – E-MAAX Remote (Internet connection required)

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