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Electromaax Yanmar Belt Tensioner




To further enhance the performance of our SM line of alternators, we now offer a belt tensioning device specifically for Yanmar marine engines. This simple device eliminates the need to tension the belt using a stick or screw drive that requires the installer to have three arms. Now with the turning of a bolt you can easily achieve the perfect belt tension for your Yanmar engine. Combined with the included Gates Green Stripe XL V-Belt, you will easily increase the reliability of your charging system.

Key Benefits:

The belt will never slip as the alternator is held firm Helps eliminate any belt dust Eliminating slippage greatly increases belt life Simple replacement bolt on – no additional brackets Universal fit on most Yanmar marine engines Fits under plastic belt cover Engine runs quieter Fiber loaded rubber stock puts added flexibility along belt’s length, yet affords greater lateral stability Variable notch pattern allows belt to run cooler, quieter and with less bending stress Precision V-forming process assures exact size and angle control High tenacity tensile cords and special layer of reinforcement for long, maintenance-free performance when belt is properly installed and tensioned


This device is only recommended on alternators up to 100 amps. For higher amperage alternators this devices needs to be combined with our serpentine pulley upgrade kit manufactured by Electromaax for your specific Yanmar engine.