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GenMaax Foot Mount, 12 Volt, 250A Alternator – Remote Rectified

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For boaters with large battery banks – especially Lithium batteries – Electromaax has introduced a remote rectifier to our GenMaax alternator 250 12 V and 165 24 V models.

This super-high-output alternator/generator is all you need to survive, covering all energy needs on your boat.

The bolt-on replacement, 250 amp GenMaax gives you all the output of a large-case alternator in a small case that fits 99% of marine engines. Specifically developed to meet the technical demands of the new generation A.G.M, Lithium and Gel Batteries, the GenMaax 250 super-high-output alternator/generator produces a continuous 195 amps covering most cruisers’ daily energy needs in very short order.

Remote rectification has been in use for decades in industrial applications and removing the rectifier out of the rear of the alternator and placing it a few feet away, has many benefits.  By far the single biggest benefit is that over 50% of the heat has been removed from the alternator. Only the heat generated by the stator remains.

In addition, the air space now available due to the removal of the rectifier which allows the twin fans attached to the rotor to work more efficiently by greatly enhancing heat dissipation too.  With the remote being up to 48” away from the alternator and engine, the device can be located next to the batteries in a generally more cooler and dryer place. Now there are no connections needed at the back of the alternator.

In essence we are splitting the alternator in half. This allows for the output of a large frame alternator in a small case alternator frame.

Due to no wiring at the back of the alternator (now done at the face of the Remote Rectifier) makes the wiring hookup much simpler too.

Click here to view the GenMaax Remote Rectifier Datasheet