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GenMaax Foot Mount, 24 Volt, 165 Amp SOLO Alternator/Generator

Price $1,933.00

Currency: USD
Item location: United States & Canada
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GenMaax Foot Mount, 24 Volt, 165 Amp SOLO Alternator/Generator

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Product Description

This super-high-output alternator/generator is all you need to survive, covering all energy needs on your boat.

The simple, bolt-on replacement, 165 amp, 24 volt GenMaax gives you all the output of a large-case alternator in a small case that fits 99% of marine engines. Eliminates or substantially reduces a cruiser’s reliance on solar panels and/or portable generators. Since no internal regulator is fitted in this this Genmaax 24 volt alternator/generator, the MSRP includes an EMaax Pro regulator.

Specifically developed to meet the technical demands of the new generation A.G.M, Lithium and Gel Batteries, the GenMaax 215 super-high-output alternator/generator produces a continuous 112 amps at 24 volts covering most cruisers’ daily energy needs in very short order. More significantly, it also covers very large loads simultaneously.

· Transforms your propulsion engine making it a generator too.
· At idle RPM the GenMaax applies the required load to charge your batteries AND covers additional loads required by other devices.
· Saves space, weight and capital cost that other energy making devices (Solar/Wind/Portable generators) require.
· Part of your existing systems, so no additional systems to maintain.
· Dual internal fans for enhanced cooling.

Applies a load at idle that prevents the engine from choking up.

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