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Battery and alternator temperature sensorE-MAAX user system interfaceE-MAAX Communications Module
Battery and alternator temperature sensor
E-MAAX user system interface
E-MAAX Communications Module

GenMaax SM-12-250a Alternator and E-MAAX PLUS Regulator Kit

$2,172.00 $1,853.70


This 250 amp dual foot GenMaax alternator and E-MAAX PLUS regulator kit comes with battery, alternator temperature sensors, alternator, battery current sensors, voltage sensor and COM Module.

  • 250 amp high output alternator.
  • Medium case
  • Dual foot Yanmar style mount
  • Externally regulated single output.
  • Backup internal regulator.
  • Certified ignition protected for gasoline or diesel motors.
  • High volume cooler running dual internal fans
  • The kit comes with a E-MAAX PLUS regulator, two temperature sensors, two current sensors, voltage sensor and Com Module.

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