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ElectroMaax System Surge Protector

$399.00 $369.00


The ElectroMaax System Surge Protector provides protection to the alternator and DC electronics whenever a spike or surge occurs.

Many cruisers, sailboat or power, are eagerly installing lithium batteries on their vessels today. The majority of lithium batteries have an internal BMS (battery management system) controlling them.  The primary function of the BMS is to protect the battery, which is great, however due to the technology when the BMS senses a threat the battery(s) go offline!  

What happens to all the energy the alternator is developing at that precise moment in time?  Unfortunately it gets sent back into the alternator brushes in the form of a spike or surge.  With alternators now generating in excess of 300 amps that is a lot of energy with no place to go.  Over time this can and will degrade the alternator or cause catastrophic damage.  To avoid this simply install the System Surge Protector (SSP) between the battery and the alternator.  As the SSP absorbs all spikes the energy cannot affect the alternator or any other sensitive electronic devices, located beyond the alternator, like radios, GPS systems or any other expensive electronics.

This device is recommended for ALL batteries, in 12V or 24V systems, regardless of their technology and especially for large battery banks that to are susceptible to voltage spikes or surges.

System Surge Protector (SSP):

As an in-line protection device the System Surge Protector has 3 primary functions:

  1. Monitor system voltages and provide controlled disconnect of vulnerable equipment ( i.e.- Alternator) within 0.1 sec.
  2. Safely dissipate any transient electrical “spikes” or surges
  3. Monitor system integrity and reconnects when safe to do so


  • Compact size –easily mounted
  • Status indicators
  • Surge capability   – 3 KW
  • Recognizes system voltage 12 or 24 and adjusts accordingly


Learn more about the System Surge Protector below:

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