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Voyager High Output Marine Alternator 4 Inch 180 J-Mount

$975.00 $685.30

Introducing the new Electromaax Voyager UAT-165 High Output Marine Alternator UAT-J-4”-12-165a  The new voyager series alternators come in either case or isolated ground, two internal cooling fans,  plus “Hair Pin stators” and extra thick aluminum mounts to aid dissipation of heat.  These advanced  technology alternators require either serpentine (multi groove) or dual ½” v belt systems. The voyager  series may be purchased singly or in packages that include serpentine kits, and external smart regulators.

SKU: UAT-SM4-J-12-165a


Electromaax is pleased to introduce our Voyager Series alternators for sail and powerboats. Utilizing the  remarkably-efficient hairpin stator, our Voyager alternators deliver nearly 30 percent more charging  efficiency than traditional alternators, providing more energy to the batteries from idle to cruising  R.P.M.  Unlike most alternators which use a loosely-populated S-wound stator, the Voyager features densely  packed square copper wires in a 96-slot frame. This results in a minimal number of “dead spots”  between the rotor and stator, and translates to greater amperage output from the lowest engine speeds  – ideal when you’re sitting on the hook. Voyager Series alternators are available in 165 are offered in the four most commonly used mounting  styles: a Motorola-style 1” single foot, a 2” Delco-style single foot, a 3.15” Hitachi/Yanmar saddle mount,  and a J180 4” saddle mount.

The Voyager’s innovative mount does double duty, not only ensuring a  dependable fit on your engine, but also acting as an effective heat sink. By adding up to a third more mass to dissipate heat from the rotor and stator, the Voyager alternator  can deliver extraordinary output – without having to add size to the alternator. The result is a better fit,  faster and safer charging, and longer, more dependable alternator life. Voyager Series alternators are  not painted or powder coated, resulting in additional heat dissipation and greater charging efficiency.  Dual internal fans, extra thick aluminum bases (mounts) also aid in heat dissipation.

Voyager Series alternators are available in your choice of isolated or case ground models. If your engine  is isolated from system ground, the isolated ground model will help insure against unwanted  electrolysis. All voyager models feature dual internal cooling fans, high-amperage diodes, and are  designed for use with smart external regulation, as they do not have interior regulators (more space for  the windings).

Dual-v or multi-groove belts are required for proper operation. Electromaax (ultimate Advanced Technology) U.A.T. Voyager alternators can be purchased alone, or as  part of an Electromaax charging package “Bundle”, which includes alternator, multi-stage external  voltage regulator and serpentine pulley upgrade kit. Packages are available for just about every  recreational marine diesel on the market, including Yanmar, Volvo, Westerbeke, Perkins and more.