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Yanmar Second Alternator Mounting Bracket Kit




For the cruiser who requires optimum charging with their Yanmar engine, we have produced this state of the art compact system that allows for dual alternator installation in most engine bays.

This clever design allows you to run twin alternators to substantially reduce your charging time.

Boat owners are now no longer limited to just upgrading their old alternator to a 100 amp alternator on a single V pulley, with this kit you can now increase your output up to 180 amps each if required.

(Note: This item is only compatible with our Serpentine Pulley Upgrade systems, while shown here with our self tensioning kit, a self tensioning kit is not necessarily required.)


2nd Alternator image 2

2nd marine alternator image 3

2nd marine alternator image 4

snd marine alternator image 5