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We at Marine Smart Energy are always happy and delighted to hear the great news our customers are saying about us. If you’re in the market for a new smart energy marine product for your boat or yacht, read through our reviews below and if you’re already one of our happy and satisfied customers, feel free to leave your review below.

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by L. Highland on Marine Smart Energy
This Install Was Much Easier Than Expected

We did a 4LH-STE install into a 1998 Yanmar engine. This install was much easier than expected and it took less than 3 hours, including access to the front of the motor and getting back out. Great product

by Captain Jon Baker on Marine Smart Energy
The Pulleys And Idler Fit Perfectly

Our original alternator was only outputting a maximum of 52 AMPs into our discharged bank and we needed to run the engine for 3-4 hours to achieve satisfactory charging, so the current system was not working for us. I contacted Marine Smart Energy and after explaining our situation they recommended we upgrade to the Balmar AT 200 high output alternator with a serpentine belt pulley system. Installing the system on our Yanmar, the pulleys and supplied idler fit perfectly and the system works perfect!

by Gord on Marine Smart Energy
The Installation Went Very Smoothly

We did installation of an Electromaax Yanmar 3JH3 serpentine pulley upgrade kit and an Electrommax Sm-12-180a with a Balmar MC- 614 external regulator. The installation went very smoothly and the tech support was excellent on the couple of questions I had.

The reason we are upgrading our charging system is because we are going on the Victoria to Maui race in July and need to quickly charge our battery banks as we have limited fuel supplies. The new alternator will more than double our charging capacity.

by Gary Simmeth on Marine Smart Energy
Thanks For The Great Products and Support!

Thanks, John, Darren, Jackie and Meagan! I finally got my pulley upgrade kit and new alternator up and running. After 2 weeks of cruising, mostly on engine, I can say I couldn't be happier. The engine runs smoother and quieter not to mention the improved charging rates and lack of belt dust. John, I'm still looking forward to hearing about your new external regulator kit

by Jonathan Bamberger on Marine Smart Energy
The Water Maker Worked As Promised

John – the Spitfire is now safely tucked away in Tortola. The water maker worked as promised. We would run the engine to charge and after the first 30 minutes when the charging slowed we fired up the watermaker. 30 minutes a day gave us enough of a top off to keep 9 crew in water. Of course, we were in racing mode so fairly frugal with water use. We had no problems using the equipment either sailing or motoring although we didn’t try it in really rough conditions.

On the delivery from Bermuda to the BVI we were in cruise mode with 4 aboard. To allow for showers we ran the water maker a little longer but 1 hour/day was plenty.



by Dan Wideman on Marine Smart Energy
Thanks For The Great Customer Service

Hi John,

Got the engine back in and I thought I would send you those pics thinking that you would appreciate seeing your product installed :-)

Thanks for the great customer service.