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Hear The Smooth Sounds Of A Perkins Upgrade To Serpentine Belt System

Perkins Engine Upgrade To Serpentine Pulley KitOne of our great customers Dan Wideman sent us some pictures and a video of his Perkins engine after an upgrade to a serpentine belt system with an auto tensioner. The main pulley is actually a double serpentine pulley. He made it this way in anticipation of an engine driven water maker.

He was hoping to mount the Aquamaax pump on the opposite side of the alternator underneath the brass Jabsco water pump. He was interested in our 25 GPH engine driven Aquamaax water maker water-maker because the Pressure vessels for this Reverse osmosis process is only 22 inches long and there is only one of them which is excellent for limited space on Dan’s Boat .

This was the first upgrade to Don’s boat, and he has gone on to install our engine driven Aquamaax marine water maker and the Airmaax wind generator.

As far as the wind generator is concerned, Dan was setting up his boat with an arch at the stern that will do davits, radar, solar panels on port and starboard with a wind generator between the two solar panels.

Dan had been rebuilding his Perkins and did upgrade it to serpentine belt system with an auto tensioner.

The reason he was interested in our system is because the regulator that comes with the wind generator can take 200 watts of solar energy which is what he was hoping to install – namely 2 solar panels of 47” X 21”, 100 watts each.

Watch the video below to hear the nice and smooth sound of his newly upgraded Perkins engine: